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Stories by Peter Mazereeuw

Politics This Morning: Trudeau cabinet huddles, with Throne Speech on the horizon

Later this afternoon, three economists will deliver exclusive advice to Canada's Parliamentarians and top government officials on the pandemic recovery, through a panel discussion organized by Senator Rosa Galvez.
‘When he kicked off his campaign, he was picking a fight with me. The reality is, I accept,’ says Unifor president Jerry Dias.
'When you have a government that is damaged by scandals, such as the Trudeau government right now, there is an opportunity to leverage your support for priorities in your agenda, says Karl Bélanger.
'They’re going to have to find a way to message to the public that, for heaven's sake, lessons [were] learned by some of our senior ministers,' Liberal MP Wayne Easter says of the WE controversy.
Sexual harassment is ‘more widespread’ in the Senate than the Don Meredith case, says one of his former staffers.
With Maxime Bernier out of the party, dairy farmers don’t have a supply-management bogeyman to unite against this time.
Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan spent roughly $20,000 in a week on a last-minute bid to shore up support, while Erin O'Toole's campaign slowed its online ad spending to a trickle.
‘It’s got to the point, I think, with this particular story, that the governor general should resign,’ says Emmett Macfarlane, professor of constitutional law at the University of Waterloo.
‘I don’t think it’s going to move a bunch of votes,’ says Geoff Norquay, a former adviser to Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney.
'What we really need is some more official announcement by somebody who actually holds power, which is the current public safety minister, Bill Blair,' says former police watchdog Ian Scott.
'To date, there have not been direct attempts by the federal government to address the concerns of many Canadians with disabilities who have few alternatives,' Mayor Jim Watson wrote in the July 14 letter.
Spending by Employment and Social Development Canada has risen by $74-billion compared to last year.
The time is ripe for the Liberals to strike a deal on pharmacare, says former Liberal adviser John Delacourt.
Nearly two-thirds of the complaints were investigated and found to be ‘not substantiated’ by Canada’s national police force.
The law requires that a review of the act start soon—but it’s not clear who, if anyone, is accountable if it doesn’t.
Opposition Senators wanted more time to read through the document before approving, says Deputy Leader Yonah Martin. ‘This is not a vote,’ retorts ISG Sen. Mégie.
Another motion in the Senate would strike a new committee to examine where the federal government and other organizations have succeeded, and failed, at acting on previous recommendations that could have reduced racism a
Now is the time to beef up oversight of the RCMP, and there’s already a bill in Parliament that can do it, says national security expert Stephanie Carvin.
‘America is putting itself first, which is natural. Why shouldn’t we behave in the same way?’ says Carleton U’s David Carment.?
The law could give Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains more time to give notice of a national security review to a foreign company trying to take over a Canadian business.
The Public Health Agency of Canada is looking for a company that can store and ship the government’s big orders of personal protective equipment amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
‘If you have options, you become more independent,’ says Sen. Dalphond, the second Senator this month to quit the ISG and join the PSG.
Peter MacKay’s new upbeat ad, meanwhile, has racked up more than 300,000 views.
New federal cash for transit projects could free up money for operating expenses, says CEO of Vancouver’s public transit authority Kevin Desmond.
Gaining official status in the Senate 'will allow us to have a member on all of the committees, and that’s really important,' says PSG leader Jane Cordy.
Two years into the ‘gun and gang’ initiative, however, the CBSA has not yet been able to seize significantly more guns than before.
The Senate’s Finance and Social Affairs committees are preparing to start their studies of the government’s COVID-19 relief effort.
The Nova Scotia shooter did not have a gun license, and got some of his weapons illegally from the United States, police say.?
'If I were Trudeau I would probably be careful about opening the border with the U.S.' says Professor Melissa Marx of Johns Hopkins University. 'The U.S. doesn’t know who is infected and who is not.'
'Because I was a former MPP, a lot of people in and around the area know that they can call for help on stuff,' says Frances Lankin.
'I don’t think it should be gentle. It should be critical, it should be relevant, it should be useful—it should not be partisan just for the sake of being partisan,' says ISG Senator Chantal Petitclerc.

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