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Stories by Samantha Wright Allen

‘Basic human rights’ at stake in Nunavut housing crisis, says NDP MP Qaqqaq

'I feel like I’m fighting all the time,' says Nunavut MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, who isn’t sure whether she’ll run for office again.
The U.S. 'is not a safe country for refugees,’ says a woman who Canada turned away because she entered the U.S. first. Her case helped convince a Federal Court judge the SCTA should end, a ruling the feds are appealing.
Plus, Economic Development Minister Mélanie Joly announces support for Yukon businesses as her parliamentary secretaries fan out with funding announcements of their own.
The appeal means the STCA is in place indefinitely, say lawyers who predict that the question of whether the agreement infringes Charter rights, as recently ruled, will ultimately be put to the Supreme Court to hear.
Despite the government’s promise to reconvene the independent review panel, members say they won’t return unless the CSC turns over the data requested to track whether it is complying with the law.
‘We are Zoom diplomats now,’ says Pham Cao Phong, who, with the South Korean envoy, was the first ambassador in Canada to present their credentials to the Governor General virtually.
With 1,675?recorded communications, July bucked the typical summer trend of low lobbying, instead jumping more than 70 per cent compared to the same month over the last few years.
The Liberal government is acting ‘unilaterally’ and ‘playing a game of chicken,’ says NDP MP Peter Julian
‘Quality versus quantity makes the most sense’ in a constrained period with a lot of moving parts, including a new Conservative leader who should be part of an ‘everyone matters’ advocacy approach, says Jacquie LaRoque.
‘I became numb to it,’ says Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu of the level of harassment and threats she faces as a woman politician.
Lillian Dyck, who became Canada's first First Nations woman named to the Senate in 2005, is retiring this month.
Chang Keung Ryong, a former political science and foreign policy professor, says he’d like to write a book about the gap between theory and practice in diplomacy.
Small Business Minister Mary Ng says the extent of her interactions with the organization was limited to that initial pitch, and did not extend to the since-cancelled contract for the student-grant program.
The second- and third-place fundraisers are hitting the road, holding socially distanced campaign events across the country as they try to close the gap with leader Annamie Paul.
'I’m of the opinion that organizations understand the rules so well that we have seen that they will make sure they don't have to report if they don't want to,' says ethics scholar Ian Stedman.
Last November, Canada officially recognized Orlando Viera-Blanco, a representative of interim president Juan Guaidó, as the country’s ambassador.
With one spot vacant, and another opening in March 2021, observers say political and legal considerations make it unlikely a Liberal prime minister would appoint any winners of the fall 2021 vote.
Police are 'being unfairly spotlighted' in a bigger conversation about systemic racism that happens in all arrays of society, says National Police Federation president Brian Sauvé.
The RCMP doesn’t have one definition for ‘wellness checks’ to track its interactions with the population and their outcomes—data that critics say is sorely needed to understand deadly police encounters.
With 2,002 recorded communications, June saw a dip in lobbying compared to each of the four previous months of 2020, but it was busier than the last sitting month in 2019.
'The summer’s often the time to strengthen your fortifications or build up your beachheads and it’s harder to do this year,' says Tim Powers.
Disproportionate number of Black and Indigenous offenders placed in higher security institutions by the CSC 'doesn’t add up,' says Sen. Bernard.
There’s been a normalization of hateful language online, says terrorism expert Jessica Davis, who noted a ‘Trudeau effect’ in the extreme animosity voiced by some online.
Justice advocates agree with the Black Parliamentary Caucus’ recent call for pre-sentencing reports, similar to the Gladue reports for Indigenous offenders, to be used for racialized Canadians.
The timing of the new status order—coming days before countries, including the 55 AU member nations, voted on Canada’s bid for the UN Security Council seat—is notable, say former diplomats.
Plus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is convening a virtual cabinet retreat Monday ahead of Wednesday’s first summer hearing where he's likely to face questions on the government’s fiscal plan and yet another ethics inves
Senator Mobina Jaffer is among those who say the in-person-only approach to spring Senate sittings limited participation and worries it will remain in place when Parliament returns in September.
‘We need to address poverty and support community programs to prevent many of the situations that police are being asked to handle with guns and handcuffs,' says NDP critic Don Davies.
In May organizations logged 1,998 lobbying reports, with economic development, health, and industry among the most discussed matters.
Black business associations say Canada has mechanisms in place that could immediately help their members have equal access to federal procurement from which they say most are 'shut out because of race.'
‘It’s a racist system. We live it,’ says one Black prisoner of Canada's correctional system. ‘We’re seen as rigid, defiant, very combative, non-compliant. These are the labels we get.’
The COVID-19 crisis is not an environment that favours opposition parties, which need to be wary of public perceptions given Canadians' support for cross-partisan co-operation, says pollster Frank Graves.

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