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RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, pictured in this file photo, surprised us all with her lack of understanding of what constitutes systemic racism, like it’s a side concern, out of mind, writes Huda Mukbil. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

Systemic racism in the Canadian security and intelligence community is a persistent threat ?

Opinion|By Huda Mukbil
Systemic racism in S&I is a threat to our national security. Failure to tackle it can compromise our ability to protect Canadians from terrorism, foreign interference, and cyber threats.
In the context of COVID-19, while agencies and statisticians cannot control the outcome and recovery of the virus, they can and must continue to play a prominent role in helping society better understand the impacts.
We have an extraordinary responsibility to ensure that this structural violence does not continue to play out in lives of the urban-based First Nations, Métis, Inuit and non-status peoples. They matter.
Opinion|By Tim McMillan
Canadians want natural gas and oil to be part of our economic recovery. The recent Ipsos poll showed 63 per cent of Canadians believe the natural gas and oil industry should be encouraged to grow.
Opinion|By Elizabeth McIninch
This giant of a man was renowned to friends and colleagues for his spiritual power, an indefinable inner light that guided him through the best and worst of times.
Climate action, the Throne Speech said, 'will be the cornerstone of our plan to support and create a million jobs across the country.' But how will this happen? What is the strategy? Is there a plan?
As we move forward, let’s be optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s build a better world that promotes a responsible growth that balances people, our planet, and prosperity.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
It is obvious now, with the pandemic bouncing back fiercely, that the virus will dictate socio-economic conditions and every government’s programs for some time to come.
Hill Times Columnists

When we discuss the heartbreaking challenges facing Indigenous peoples, we also need to reflect on the resilience of Indigenous peoples because we have some serious and urgent work to do to ensure we don’t lose another Indigenous life to racism.
One has to wonder if the Proud Boys membership has increased throughout the CAF since the 2017 Halifax incident, and, if so, are they, too, ‘standing by’?
If elected on Nov. 3, Kamala Harris is literally a step away from the president’s job. Her boss is already 77 years old and has mused about serving one term. Maybe that is why she is always smiling.
Why waste any more time and emotional energy blaming anyone, or everyone, when we need governments, political leaders, school boards, and public health agencies to start fixing what went wrong? There are many places to begin, as it happens.
All in all, CSE's report is a very welcome peek behind the espionage curtain.
Opinion|Tim Powers
One of the great casualties of COVID-19 is the division it is sowing between regions and people on an individual level.
Opinion|A?cha Madi
For the sake of peace, women’s rights and international humanitarian law, Canada must stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.
Opinion|Cody Groat
And it will continue to do so if and when it receives the attention that it deserves.
Opinion|Nicole Gagnon
Will MPsr ands parliamentary administrator wants change the way they do business to ensure the upcoming parliamentary session does not mark open season on interpreters’ health and safety?
The global ocean opportunity is expected to grow to $3-trillion by 2030, doubling in size and outpacing the growth of the broader economy by close to 20 per cent.
Canadian researchers have ideas that could take our country from the lows of the pandemic to the summits of success. These ideas need our attention and support.
Applying the constraints of Bill 101 to federal employees won’t change the status quo, and could?prevent English-speaking Quebecers from working or being served in their mother tongue, a right they hold as Canadians.?
Opinion|Tim Powers
While Atlantic Canada has done a good job of managing COVID-19 counts, it is breathtakingly short-sighted to assume that the retention of the 'bubble' for a sustained period is effective policy.
Hill Times Columnists

What will be interesting to witness is how the parties react and position themselves with respect to Justin Trudeau’s line in the sand: ‘This is not the time for austerity.’
Outcome C: Donald Trump recovers, and is back out campaigning within a week. Probability: more than 70 per cent. Consequence: he still loses the election (just look at the numbers), but he is fit and able to build on the foundations he has already laid and lead a campaign from the White House (not necessarily non-violent) to dispute the postal vote.
Too often politicians get so caught up in their personal echo chambers that they sometimes come to believe that if something is popular within their own socio-economic class it will also be popular across the board.?
One and half months into his leadership and no one is calling for his head—that is pretty good by Conservative Party standards.
America’s commander-in-chief has always been a brash and bullying liar. As of last week, though, he has become a gruesome threat to the country he insists he loves.
Bringing new ideas about creating a better Canada to life will require time and an ongoing, historic commitment once the pandemic recedes.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Lieutenant General-Wayne Eyre's recent message to the CAF was clear: 'If you have those types of beliefs—get out. We don’t want you.'
The Canadian comedy that just swept the Emmys can’t possibly stop now. Here’s a suggestion.
Opinion|Bruce Carson
It is arguable that in the calculation as to whether to go or not, there is more pressure on Trudeau to get it right than falls on the shoulders of?the other three leaders.
Remember there’s no job security. The next election is always around the corner. Enjoy every moment. In the end, it's not the desk you held, but how you held it.
Opinion|Douglas Roche
Justin Trudeau has not yet learned how NATO contravenes the basic idea of nuclear disarmament, for he called the negotiations that led to the adoption of the Prohibition Treaty 'useless.'
Opinion|Tim Powers
The return of Parliament will likely provide us brief moments of escape from our pandemic prison. Unfortunately, though the virus’ outbreak will continue to dominate everything.
It will take more hard work, and less politics, to regain the public trust in the Senate.
Hill Times Columnists

We need productive public investment now for a clean and smart post-pandemic economy if we are to avoid long-term unemployment and economic stagnation.
It goes without saying that, with the second wave of the pandemic roaring ahead, Canadian leaders need to work much harder to reinforce the message that individual responsibility is the key to holding back COVID-19.
With election day in America looming and a previously unthinkable coup threatened by the incumbent, let’s note the significant difference in this latest epic assault on democracy.
It is hard to believe the lived experience of Canadians only 25 years ago has been wiped out like the erasing of a collective memory bank.
At the risk of ruining my already blemished record, I really don’t think we are headed for an election this fall. There does not seem to be a critical mass of support, and it is highly unlikely that a party will be drawn into one against their will.
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