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U.S. Coast Guard icebreakers in the Arctic. The Northwest Passage is a disputed and strategically valuable waterway in the High Arctic. Photograph courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

U.S. should recognize Arctic waters as Canadian

Opinion|By Pierre Leblanc
Recognizing the Northwest Passage as Canadian would deny access to China and Russia and safeguard U.S. security.
The Canadian biotech sector should rest assured that our government recognizes the critical role it plays in our economy.
Opinion|By NDP MP Don Davies
The Trudeau government owes it to all Canadians to be open, honest, and accountable about its COVID-19 vaccination plans.
There is little doubt that IP, especially patents, should not be an impediment to forging solutions to the global crisis that we are all facing.
Opinion|By AJ Sivam
In war rooms across the country, political strategists consistently ignore fresh marketing ideas in favour of tired tropes that fail to inspire voters and leave them rolling their eyes in disbelief.
Opinion|By Emily Gruenwoldt
We have the ideas, the ability, and the social will to make positive change for our children, but it has to start now, before it’s too late.
Opinion|By Sharaf Sharafeldin
Canadian Muslims could vote Conservative, if the party shows it will include and respect them.
Opinion|By Catherine Tait
In a number of countries, governments are undermining the independence and values of public media organizations and pressing them to function increasingly as state broadcasters.
Hill Times Columnists

We shouldn’t have to negotiate or fight for the basics that other Canadians receive. But if we don’t do it, who will?
What is frightening for all of us who share the North American land mass is that for Donald Trump to portray himself as America’s firefighter, there needs to be a fire.
The death of WE in Canada will kill any momentum that the opposition parties are seeking to pump up. But don’t expect them to stop trying. The program was killed, the finance minister is gone, and so is WE.
Canada's federal party leaders have another chance to deliver much-needed social reforms, if they can ignore the temptations of partisan politics.
All in all, CSE's report is a very welcome peek behind the espionage curtain.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
If anyone in high political office in Canada thought that our soldiers’ sacrifice in a U.S.-led unwinnable war would earn us a bargaining chip at trade talks, then they do deserve to be turfed from power.
Opinion|John Hepburn
When innovation stops or stalls and graduates from advanced degrees lack opportunities to join industry and drive economic growth, prospects for those businesses and Canadians’ quality of life are at risk.
The shape of the country’s politics, social policy framework, and economy will hang in the balance as leaders manoeuvre for advantage around the upcoming speech from the throne.
As America is predictably besieged by pre-election chaos, the consequences for humanity in the weaponization of Donald Trump could not be higher.
Failure to act on several important pieces of legislation gives the impression that the Canadian Forces generally, and the military justice system specifically, are not concerned with fulfilling the will of Parliament.
No one can claim that Stephen Poloz broke any rules by accepting appointments to corporate boards right after leaving the Bank of Canada. No cooling-off period applied to his situation, and therein lies the problem.
CBC television has been a lame duck for many years; broadcasting Canada’s performing arts will give the corporation new life.
Opinion|Bruce Carson
The CFL would have been a reminder of kinder times for Canadians isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hill Times Columnists

We are amazed, but not amused by all the things you say that you'll do. Though much concerned but not involved with decisions that are made by you.
What Donald Trump has triggered—and somebody was bound to trigger it around now, because every political niche, like every evolutionary niche, is always filled—is a final reckoning on the ‘race problem,' about 150 years after the American Civil War.
It’s plausible that an election is near and that plausibility is all political fundraisers need to inject their pitches with a sense of urgency.?And believe me, urgency is a key part of any fundraising message.?
Teachers and early childhood educators are the new front line in this COVID-19 conflict.
The U.S. president has encouraged Americans to play Russian roulette with their lives, and mocked opponents who have taken the virus seriously.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Erin O'Toole won't have much time to enjoy the win. Being the leader of the Conservative Party is difficult at the best of times, but much more precarious when in opposition.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
When Donald Trump wanted Iranian general Qasem Soleimani killed, the CIA did not have an agent lace his teacup with poison at a civilian airport.
If Canada is to politely nudge the American ship of State into safer waters, we will need to step up our influence game among decision makers and the American public.
The racial and ethnic disparities in health care and unequal health burdens of refugee populations put them at disproportionate health risks from COVID-19.
That nearly half as many Conservatives cast ballots for Sloan as MacKay tells you everything you need to know about this contest.
Too often women are promoted to positions of power when things are going poorly, and the odds are stacked against them.
Over the next two years more than 700 Canadian wineries will have a longstanding excise benefit repealed in response to an Australian World Trade Organization challenge.
Canada’s treatment of Black, Indigenous, and racialized women in politics has evolved a step farther than representation politics and turned into full-on tokenism.
Hill Times Columnists

While excellent at starting really smart new companies, Israel, like Canada, has much less success in turning these into locally owned multinationals with the potential to create thousands of domestic jobs.
Canada has not been fertile ground for this approach, but heavy-handed, illiberal populism gains ground with the normalization of extremism and the politics of fear, hate, and resentment.
The murderous destruction of an American landmark on live television on Sept. 11, 2001, set the stage for a new, more dramatic form of psychological warfare.
I fear for the future of public discourse if the political agenda is set by the ignorant and the vandals, not the knowledgeable and the civilized. We can’t let democracy become another casualty of the internet.?
If it's done right, many of Parliament's functions could be moved online. But the opposition parties need to be involved in, and committed to, every aspect of this walk toward virtualization, it won’t work otherwise.
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